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New View Counseling is about change and we are changing, too!

In the next few months, New View Counseling PLLC will be transitioning from accepting insurance to private pay only and the rate will increase slightly. This will be a gradual transition. By changing to this form of pay, it will allow more time to be spent with the client, couple, or family, and allow to also start implementing some groups and animal assisted therapies. This has not been an easy decision but one I feel has to be made. I am always available to talk to and answer questions whether you are a former, current, or potential client. 

Only Accepting Out-of-Pocket, Private Pay clients at this time.

Rates: Currently $100/hour(no hour & half session)

Private Pay: $125 hourly rate - starting Feb. 1st, 2024

Groups: $30/person for 2hour session 6-8 people

Therapy does not have to be out of reach financially. A guiding principle of New View Counseling is that we do not want finances to be the reason someone does not start therapy or stops therapy. A sliding scale is available on a case by case basis. Text or call for more information.

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