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Hello, my name is Anthony Beard and I am a licensed Professional Counselor. I have been licensed since 2016 in the State of Oklahoma. Prior to becoming a therapist I worked in the refuse business and was also involved in Youth Ministry.  New View Counseling (NVC) is a faith-based facility. I enjoy having the opportunity to pray with and for my clients as they desire during appointments. 

NVC was formed in 2017 from a desire to help those living in the rural community. I myself grew up in a small town and that is what I love. The people of the rural areas of Oklahoma need the assistance and availability like those in the city. At NVC, you will receive just that; personalized care to meet your needs where you are at. 

NVC offers a variety of therapeutic modalities. I would say I am eclectic in nature, in that I don't believe one therapy is one size fits all and works for everyone. I use cognitive, cognitive behavioral, narrative, solution focused, and some dialectal behavioral therapy. I am excited to announce the addition biofeedback using the HeartMath software.

"I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to
live up to what light I have."


Abraham Lincoln


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